Four Rivers Photo Launches Website and Blog

Maryland State House Grounds: De Kalb © Lauren Peeler Brice

Maryland State House Grounds: De Kalb © Lauren Peeler Brice

by Chris Edwards and Laurie Brice

Hello! We are Chris Edwards and Laurie Brice coming to you from our newly hatched website and blog for Four Rivers Photo, a business we've founded to provide foundational training for emerging photographers.  Four Rivers Photo has been in various stages of planning for a year. At last we are ready to roll out this site and register participants. It is exciting, a big step in our adventure.

We have been avid photographers for years. As members of the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis, we've noticed that although there are many, many photography courses and workshops, none seems to offer small-group, hands-on training for emerging photographers. Yet we are approached by friends and club members who request exactly that type of training. We believe our workshops will fill that need.  

What or who is an emerging photographer?  Someone who yearns to photograph but hasn't yet made their camera and photographic techniques their every-day tools. Someone who comes back from shooting to find they know they can do better. Someone who might be frustrated at the technical aspects of photography. Someone who yearns to release their inner artist but is stymied by equipment, technique, process, etc.

We have long-time experience in training technical subjects. We think our techniques and unique course design will make a difference for you. Register here and join us in the beautiful city of Annapolis, Maryland to begin your photographic adventure.

See you out there shooting!
Chris and Laurie


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Lauren Brice

Laurie grew up in the Annapolis area enjoying all that its rivers, woods, historic setting and strong community provide. After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology, she returned home to the banks of the Severn River. An early career as a biologist for The Johns Hopkins University soon transitioned to positions in the emerging field of Information Technology. Laurie designed and taught countless computer application courses and developed strong programming, data analysis and management skills. Through it all, Laurie captured her love of nature, landscape and animal portraiture - especially birds in photography. Her photographs are featured in Field Guide on Insects of the Cloud Forest, author Paul Beck, Illustrator Ryan Hobson; the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, TX; the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website All About Birds; and the travel website Her awards include Best in Show and several category prizes in the 2011 Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of the 500th Annual Annual Competition; Honorable Mention in the Nature Conservancy's 5th Annual Photography contest and several exhibition awards from the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis.