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Young Lacrosse Player © Lauren Peeler Brice

Young Lacrosse Player © Lauren Peeler Brice

by Laurie Brice


... The graduation, field day, recital, tournament, championship season. Are your photography skills up to the challenge? No pressure but these are usually once in a lifetime events you don't want to miss.

Here are a few tips to consider before snapping those shots.


  • The action is swift and usually far away. A good zoom lens can help to fill the frame. Something with a 200-300 mm number at the top end works very well. The "faster" the lens the better (f/2.8). If you don't have a large lens, try to get closer to the action. Frame with your feet. Move along the sideline. Safety first of course and be mindful not to disturb the game.
  • Light is everything. To capture fast action you will need fast shutter speeds usually over 1/500 second. 1/1,000 of a second is better.
  • Need more light? Crank up the ISO. Practice before the event so you know where the benefit of a higher ISO ends and the disadvantage of increased noise takes over for your camera.
  • Is the sun in your eyes? Then the players will be in shadow as they face you. Find a better vantage point. Switch sides of the field. A polarizing or neutral density filter may help during harsh mid-day light if things are too bright. 
  • Your lens hood has a purpose. Keep it on your lens to reduce lens flare.
  • Isolate your subject from busy backgrounds by using a large aperture (smaller number) to decrease depth of field.
  • Make sure you capture action, eyes and expression. The back of a lacrosse helmet is not particularly engaging. 


  • Get low. Shooting up at the action dramatizes the action and apparent height of every leap. 

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See you out there shooting!
Chris and Laurie


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Lauren Brice

Laurie grew up in the Annapolis area enjoying all that its rivers, woods, historic setting and strong community provide. After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology, she returned home to the banks of the Severn River. An early career as a biologist for The Johns Hopkins University soon transitioned to positions in the emerging field of Information Technology. Laurie designed and taught countless computer application courses and developed strong programming, data analysis and management skills. Through it all, Laurie captured her love of nature, landscape and animal portraiture - especially birds in photography. Her photographs are featured in Field Guide on Insects of the Cloud Forest, author Paul Beck, Illustrator Ryan Hobson; the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, TX; the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website All About Birds; and the travel website Schmap.com. Her awards include Best in Show and several category prizes in the 2011 Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of the 500th Annual Annual Competition; Honorable Mention in the Nature Conservancy's 5th Annual Photography contest and several exhibition awards from the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis.