September & October Photo Opportunities Around Annapolis

Annapolis, State House and downtown shops against a brilliant sky. © Lauren P Brice, Four Rivers Photo

Annapolis, State House and downtown shops against a brilliant sky. © Lauren P Brice, Four Rivers Photo

by Laurie Brice

As summer days slide into Fall, Annapolitans know that our season of vivid color, gorgeous blue skies and exciting activities is upon us.  Definitely explore and photograph yearly events coming this season but don't forget the small, everyday life events that mean so much to us.

This is a hectic time. You are busy getting kids and grand kids ready for school and college. Summer things go away, winter things come out. Maybe you are preparing for or organizing after vacation. You may feel that you don't have time or hands to carry your "big" camera. Perhaps you don't have a "big" camera (DSLR). Don't fret! Use a point-and-shoot or cell phone!  Just don't miss those moments that ARE life. It takes almost no time to point and shoot.

Photograph Confidently in any Season

Just a reminder that Four Rivers Photo Workshops help make shooting fun and fast by demystifying camera settings and setting you free to release you inner artist. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are the photographer-artist's tools. We offer both small-group sessions and individual tutoring. See our REGISTRATION page for details.

Summer's Last Sparkle

Catch these subjects quickly before Summer is no more. The beach? Of course the  beach. Children playing, sand castle construction and destruction as the waves roll in, sandy feet, warm water and waves, colorful towels, beach umbrellas and water sports all offer excellent subjects. No beach time? Some of these work at the pool, too. Get in close. Fill the frame.

Here's a Challenge: What do your family's sneakers and flip flops look like after a long summer of fun? Line them up, get down low and shoot away.

Crabbing is a wonderful subject. Capture the summer's last home crab feast. Even the often captured shot down the picnic table filled with crabs and beer is made yours when your family and friends are in the frame.

Beautiful late summer beach time.  © Chris Edwards, Four Rivers Photo

Beautiful late summer beach time.  © Chris Edwards, Four Rivers Photo

Fall's Fresh Arrival

This is the time when local produce shines! Visit and photograph a Farmers' Market, U-pick field or a local farm field. Has the corn ever been taller than it is this year? Piles of fruit, tomatoes, squash eggplant and corn make super subjects. Later, pumpkins and colored leaves will make your shots scream with color. Look for great light to highlight these fleeting subjects.

School Days

Do you have students starting or returning to school? Capture shopping for clothes and supplies, new shoes, a first school bus ride and sports practice. All offer opportunities for great candid shots.  Don't miss the excitement of a first school day or packing for college.

Maybe you family is past the school stage? When in Annapolis, wander College and Maryland Avenues, King George and Randall Streets to capture the energy retuning Naval Academy and St. John's students bring to town.

On the Wing © Lauren P. Brice, Four Rivers Photo

On the Wing © Lauren P. Brice, Four Rivers Photo

Fall Migration

From warbler to wader, the birds and butterflies are making their return trip to wintering grounds now. We live in the Chesapeake flyway. An early morning or evening walk and a little careful attention in any local park or your neighborhood may reveal birds you never noticed before. Take your longest lens. Visit Cape May and the DelMarVa beaches and marshes to stand in the path of this age old phenomenon. Take many storage cards and batteries!

The Jug Bay Butterfly Garden offers a wonderful, family-friendly spot for viewing summer's last butterflies. Check out their website for days and times.

Upcoming Annual Events

Don't leave home without your camera.

Monarch Butterfly © Lauren Peeler Brice Four Rivers Photo

Monarch Butterfly © Lauren Peeler Brice Four Rivers Photo

Navy Football - September 14 (Delaware, October 20 (Air Force), Rowe Boulevard

Anne Arundel County Fair - September 11-15 at the Fair Grounds on General's Highway

Maryland State Fair - August 24 through September 2 at the Timonium Fair Grounds

Maryland Seafood Festival - September 7 & 8 at Sandy Point State Park

US Power Boat Show - October 3-6 at the Annapolis City Dock

US Sailboat Show - October 10-14 at the Annapolis City Dock

...need more? 

Anne Arundel County Parks - They are all here

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See you out there shooting!
Chris and Laurie

#LearnPhotography #photoworkshop #Annapolis

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Laurie grew up in the Annapolis area enjoying all that its rivers, woods, historic setting and strong community provide. After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology, she returned home to the banks of the Severn River. An early career as a biologist for The Johns Hopkins University soon transitioned to positions in the emerging field of Information Technology. Laurie designed and taught countless computer application courses and developed strong programming, data analysis and management skills. Through it all, Laurie captured her love of nature, landscape and animal portraiture - especially birds in photography. Her photographs are featured in Field Guide on Insects of the Cloud Forest, author Paul Beck, Illustrator Ryan Hobson; the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, TX; the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website All About Birds; and the travel website Her awards include Best in Show and several category prizes in the 2011 Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of the 500th Annual Annual Competition; Honorable Mention in the Nature Conservancy's 5th Annual Photography contest and several exhibition awards from the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis.