November & December Photo Opportunities Around Annapolis

Holiday Wreathes in a Sailing Town, Annapolis © Christine Edwards, Four Rivers Photo

Holiday Wreathes in a Sailing Town, Annapolis © Christine Edwards, Four Rivers Photo

By Laurie Brice

Photograph Confidently in any Season

Just a reminder that Four Rivers Photo Workshops help make shooting fun and fast by demystifying camera settings and setting you free to release you inner artist. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are the photographer-artist's tools. We offer both small-group sessions and individual tutoring. See our REGISTRATION page for details. Many of our November/December opportunities require night shooting. Our December 7 workshop will feature tips on low light shooting.

Photo Opportunities

It's time for another batch of seasonal shooting suggestions but first, an apology. This is a bit late getting to you. I was out shooting instead of tending the website! I bet you understand. Let's get caught up with events you may have missed in the first half of November just in case you are starting your own annual calendar -- a very good idea.


The weather and calendar conspired to extend Halloween this year. All the better for photographers. Of course there was all the pumpkin fun from Trick 'r Treat to costumes to Punkin' Chunkin' on the Eastern Shore. WHAT! You don't know about Punkin Chunkin? You are not watching enough TV! It's a hoot. The website tells all.

Farmers' Markets

The farmers' markets and fruit stands have closed or may have one last weekend as I write. Don't miss this last chance to enjoy the last fruits of summer. The Chestertown Farmer's Market is a lot of fun but get up early. It closes by noon.

Downrigging Weekend

Speaking of Chestertown, the Downrigging Weekend took place November 1-4 in Chestertown. It is always the first weekend in November. The weather cooperated (mostly) and many memory cards were filled. Here's a plug for the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis. We had a field trip to Chestertown for the event. Field trips are open to members and a great way to meet like minded photographers and learn. Membership is only $25/year. See the DPCA website for a list of benefits, calendar and more. Join us this Monday November, 18 for our next meeting.

Leaves "Sigh" Leaving

There are still a few beautiful trees around. Catch them before they are gone! Look for combinations and contrasts among fallen leaves. Try shooting with back-light for those last remaining colorful leaves. Take advantage of broad-leaf evergreens like hollies. There seem to be tons of red berries this year. Pines and firs offer rich greens, interesting patterns and lots of cones. Pines and Hollies also offer great bird food. Looking for great environments? Try Historic London Town and Gardens  and the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

Marion Warren: Inspiration

An exhibit of 30 black and white prints. While this is an exhibition and not a shooting opportunity, it offers a chance for inspiration and for many of us, remembrance. Visit  the Captain Avery Museum, 1418 E.W Shady Side Road. See the Museum's page for details.

Eagles at Conowingo

They're baaaaack. Search on Flickr for "Conowingo" and see what locals from PA to VA are traveling to photograph. The site is tricky for light. It sits in a gorge so sunrise and sundown are affected by the surrounding hills. Do a little research before you go, especially if it's for your first time. For best results, use a 400mm lens or better, dress very warmly in layers and be patient. Follow all sign directions for parking, do's and dont's. Don't have a 400mm lens? I've shot with 300mm and had success. I've also rented lenses for this location. Remember, you are shooting birds. You'll have more blah days than good but the good days will be spectacular.

Homestead Gardens

Did you know Homestead Gardens has the largest Christmas shop in the area? Even in winter, there's lots of natural light. Besides being a great place to reconnect with green things during the winter, you may knock a few things off your gift list while you photograph.

Midnight Madness

December 5 through December 19, Thursdays.

Indoor Sports

Navy vs. Army Volleyball, November 15. Here's a chance to practice your action shooting inside. Remember to set your white balance, use a fast ISO and anticipate the action. Shots that include the ball will be the most appealing. Navy Sports website is your best bet for a season of sports shooting. Check their photography regulations and remember, no flash.

Lights On The Bay

Sandy Point, November 17 through January 1 from 5-10 pm. The fee is $14 per car. Here's a good chance to practice your night photography. Bring a beanbag or other addition to stabilize you camera while in the car. As I remember, you cannot get out of the car. Four Rivers Photo's December Workshop will feature night shooting tips if you need to brush up.

Chesapeake Bay Fall Classic Rockfish Tournament

Sandy Point, November 17-18. They should land some whoppers. Here's the link.

Eastport Yacht Club Parade of Lights

December 14, 6-8 pm is the confirmed date and time. Several websites have this year's parade listed for the 7th but we hear this is incorrect. You'll need a tripod and practice before hand. The Digital Photography Club of Annapolis has a field trip scheduled. Join today and come shooting with us. Practice at our Four Rivers Photo Workshop the week before and know that your shots will be fantastic.

Annapolis Christmas Tree Lighting

December 1 from 5-8 pm at the Market House. Get there early and take some twilight shots during the "blue 15 minutes".

Your Own Holiday Decorations

Don't forget to take advantage of your own decorations. Close focus, wide apertures, lighting assists and tripods are in order.

Holiday Performances

'Tis the season of holiday concerts and performances. They can be beautiful and challenging. As with any indoor shooting, check your white balance, ISO and camera stability. Most of all, be respectful of the the setting, audience and performers. Don't ruin the performance for others to get your "perfect" shot.

New Year's Eve Celebrations and Lights seems to have a good handle on the New Year's Eve celebration in town. There will be fireworks at the end of the entertainment. We may see changes before the event transpires but keep checking the websites and Capital for updates.

Need More Events?

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See you out there shooting!
Chris and Laurie

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Lauren Brice

Laurie grew up in the Annapolis area enjoying all that its rivers, woods, historic setting and strong community provide. After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology, she returned home to the banks of the Severn River. An early career as a biologist for The Johns Hopkins University soon transitioned to positions in the emerging field of Information Technology. Laurie designed and taught countless computer application courses and developed strong programming, data analysis and management skills. Through it all, Laurie captured her love of nature, landscape and animal portraiture - especially birds in photography. Her photographs are featured in Field Guide on Insects of the Cloud Forest, author Paul Beck, Illustrator Ryan Hobson; the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, TX; the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website All About Birds; and the travel website Her awards include Best in Show and several category prizes in the 2011 Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of the 500th Annual Annual Competition; Honorable Mention in the Nature Conservancy's 5th Annual Photography contest and several exhibition awards from the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis.