End of Summer Photo Opportunities

Well, it's been a long time since we've sent a blog entry your way. Chris and I have been busy, even very busy working, teaching Four Rivers Photo Workshops, being involved with the Digital Photo Club of Annapolis and with lots of family activities. But I am happy so say there is time for the blog again. So, on we go.

Here are a few shooting opportunities to consider in the last months of summer:

  • We are just past peak viewing for the Perseid Metor Shower but it's worth a try. Look NE tonight at about 11:30 pm and later into the night. There is no moonlight tonight. Remember to set your ISO to it's smallest setting 100/200. The metors streak across the sky. Catching them can be tough. Use a tripod, cable release and a slower shutter speed. Experiment! Good luck!

  • Summer means kid fun at the pool, beach, amusement park or just the backyard. Be sure to capture the fun. A fast shutter speed will help freeze the action or try panning with a slower shutter speed to capture motion.

  • Wading birds of all kinds will be prominant in the shallow Atlantic back bays and marshes. This makes for excellent birding and photography at Bombay Hook, Assateague, Chincoteague Island and all the shore bays.

  • While visiting the shore, remember to take you camera as you stop at farm stands. Marylanders know that August and September bring a beautiful harvest that is fun to photograph. Try different angles and depths of field. Get down low. Visit a U-pick and look for interesting angles.

  • Local farmer's markets and roadside stands are loaded with goodies. If you don't have time to cross the Bay, try visiting stands closer to your home. If you have time for a drive, the Chestertown Farmers Market is wonderful.

  • Farm fields and building are in their summer best. Remember to visit early in the morning and late in the evening when the light is good. Why not scout your favorite location paying attention to it's orientation. Which is better for your field, East or West for the best light?

  • Water, water everywhere. From our smallest creeks to the Bay and ocean, look for sceens that are new to you. Not inspired? Take your camera for a walk. Everything from boats to reflectins are here to peak your creativity.

  • Kennilworth Acquatic Gardens - while the best of the lotus have faded, Kennilworth will have late summer water lilies and wildlife.

We can't wait to see your photos. Friend us on Facebook or email them to info@4riversphoto.com if you'd like us to share them with our blog readers. Have a safe remainder of the summer. See you soon.


Lauren Brice

Laurie grew up in the Annapolis area enjoying all that its rivers, woods, historic setting and strong community provide. After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology, she returned home to the banks of the Severn River. An early career as a biologist for The Johns Hopkins University soon transitioned to positions in the emerging field of Information Technology. Laurie designed and taught countless computer application courses and developed strong programming, data analysis and management skills. Through it all, Laurie captured her love of nature, landscape and animal portraiture - especially birds in photography. Her photographs are featured in Field Guide on Insects of the Cloud Forest, author Paul Beck, Illustrator Ryan Hobson; the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, TX; the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website All About Birds; and the travel website Schmap.com. Her awards include Best in Show and several category prizes in the 2011 Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of the 500th Annual Annual Competition; Honorable Mention in the Nature Conservancy's 5th Annual Photography contest and several exhibition awards from the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis.