"The best camera is the one that is with you."
Chase Jarvis

We anticipate a mix of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), Mirror-less, Point-and-Shoot and even cell phone cameras in class.  While aperture, shutter speed and ISO cannot be set on some Point-and-Shoot and most cellphone cameras, all cameras are welcome. However, technology changes by the minute, so let's summarize by saying... Some cameras have more features than others but regardless of features, in the hands of a knowledgeable photographer,  all of today's cameras are capable of taking pleasing photographs.

We will do our best to help you get the most from the camera you have. For the best learning experience, we recommend that the camera you bring to the workshop has "shooting modes" at minimum. Cameras with the capability of setting aperture, shutter speed and ISO will afford the richest learning experience.

Don't know what your camera supports? List your camera's make and model when registering. Our first class exercise is to help you understand what you camera can do. We are not experts in all camera brands and models. We don't think anyone can be today. Bring your manual to class in case camera-specific issues arise. There will not be time to research your manual online once we gather. But we will help you find and understand topics in the manual you bring to class.

Before Attending


Before attending a workshop, find and read your camera/phone manual. Electronic copies are available at your manufacturer's website. Know your camera make and model. Please bring your manual to the workshop. 

If you are a budding "gear head" with multiple cameras and lenses, this is the time to pack light. Choose a single camera and lens combination. A moderate zoom lens capable of a 75mm to 200mm focal length will work well. 

Bring a monopod if you must but leave your tripod at home.  Neither is necessary for the workshop. Bring a flash if you like but we suggest concentrating on class topics and exploring add-on flash another day.

Click checklist for a quick reminder of preparations you can make to help insure your workshop is a wonderful experience. 

Our Locations

Our workshop sessions meet in downtown Annapolis, Maryland at either Gibson's Lodgings of Annapolis or The Annapolis Bookstore. Check the registration item for your workshop location. Our Map page shows Gibson's and the bookstore. Look for the camera icons.

Gibson's Lodgings--Paterson House, 100 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Maryland. 

Gibson's Lodgings--Paterson House, 100 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Maryland. 

Gibson's Lodgings

Gibson's Lodgings of Annapolis
110 Prince George Street
Annapolis,  MD21401-1704

Gibson's Lodgings of Annapolis is a delightful, historic B&B convenient to our workshop stations and one half block from the City Dock. It is directly adjacent to the US Naval Academy. We begin and end workshop sessions with brief lectures held in the Berman or Laur House parlor. Access is at street level. Coffee and Tea are graciously provided by Gibson's Lodgings. 

The Annapolis Book Store, 35 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland

The Annapolis Book Store, 35 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland

The Annapolis Bookstore

The Annapolis Bookstore
35 Maryland Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401-1630

The bookstore is a quaint refuge for all things literature. If you love books, you will love this store. It is convenient to our workshop stations, sells wonderful treasures and has a cafe offering drinks, pastries and sandwiches. We will begin and end workshop sessions with brief lectures held at the bookstore. (Note: The meeting room is accessible by a narrow, spiral stairwell; if you cannot navigate stairs, please let us know so that we can make alternate arrangements. ) 

Have questions? Contact Laurie at Four Rivers Photo via this site. Please don't call the friendly bookstore staff. They are very busy serving customers. We've asked them to refer you to this website. 

Logistics and
What to Wear

Annapolis is a quaint, colonial town. Do not expect level sidewalks or spacious buildings. Do expect charm and uniqueness at every turn. As noted above, access to our Annapolis Bookstore meeting room is via a spiral staircase. The field portion of our workshops covers no more than 1.5 miles walking. The surfaces are uneven sidewalks, grass, small hills and a few steps over approximately two hours. The pace is gentle. Workshops start and end with brief lectures to present and review the principles we practice in the field.

We recommend you dress comfortably for the weather in layers and pack light. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. Annapolis can be quite warm in summer and cold in winter especially by the water. Carry a bottled drink you can tuck away. You must carry all that you bring to the workshop; no personal items can be left at the Bookstore or at Gibson's Lodgings. A small backpack leaves your hands free for photography.

We meet rain or shine. If it rains, plan to get wet. We may adjust stations to accommodate weather, but we must walk between stations.

Picture ID is absolutely necessary for access to the State House and the Naval Academy, to which we may travel, particularly if the weather is poor. Bring your ID.

Please use the Contact form on this site if you wish to discuss concerns before registering. We will contact you ASAP!


Parking is a sport in Annapolis. Seriously, the fact is there's plenty of parking at reasonable rates if you know where to go and plan enough time to reach your destination. There are several garages and a Circulator Trolley to get you back and forth. On-street parking is usually Restricted Residential or metered and limited to two hours. You won't have time to feed the meter or move your car once the workshop begins. Choose a parking garage instead. See the links below for the latest information on the garages and the Circulator Trolley.

NOTE: Gibson's Lodgings on-site parking is reserved for Inn guests. If you are a Gibson's lodger, roll out of bed, grab coffee and join us. You car "sleeps" free during your stay.

Look for the   Circulator   signs

Look for the Circulator signs

The Trolley stop closest to Gibson's Lodgings is at the City Dock. You will have a quick 10 minute walk to Gibson's. The Trolley stop closest to the bookstore is at Main Street and Church Circle.  However, the stop at the Court House and Church Circle is quickest for getting to the workshop on time even though the walk is a just little bit longer -- about 15 minutes. (You leave the trolley before it continues on the last half of its route.)  Latest Parking Info

The best kept Annapolitan parking secret is the "State" garage, a.k.a. the Bladen Street Garage. It offers FREE parking 6 pm - 6 am, Monday - Friday and ALL DAY on weekends. From this garage, it is a leisurely 15 minute stroll to The Annapolis Bookstore or about 20 minutes to Gibson's Lodgings. You will be relaxed to enjoy town all day without worrying about your car. Take that parking fee you saved and treat yourself to something from the Bookstore's cafe.

The Hillman and Knighton garages offer paid parking 24 / 7 / 365. Knighton is on the Circulator route and is less expensive. Hillman is on Main Street, is a more expensive option but is closest to everything downtown. The Hillman garage fills quickly if town is busy.


Follow the link below for directions to downtown Annapolis. Please use Bing or Google maps to obtain specific directions to your desired parking location and from that location to the Bookstore or Gibson's Lodgings. Gibson's Lodgers, have free parking at the Inn. The Summarized Parking Map on our site is your best guide.  

Additional workshop details can be found on this website. See our Policies page. Register today!