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Welcome to Four Rivers Photo!

We are fun-loving, avid photographers and career-long technical trainers dismayed at seeing all kinds of folks struggling with photography. Almost anyone can pick up today's cameras and take a sharp photograph. Emerging photographers tell us, "The camera did it". The problem is, that image isn't always what the photographer envisioned -- what they saw when they framed the shot. And sometimes the photograph just isn't interesting. Why? Because all those buttons do something if your use them and because there is more to photography than pointing expensive equipment at a subject and clicking the button.

Four Rivers Photo offers small group workshops for emerging photographers. Those who want to grow beyond automated shooting. Those who want a low-stress, hands-on learning experience with lots of personal attention. Those who want to explore how their camera can become a tool for artistic expression. We teach the basics -- solid skills in repeatable exercises our students can use along their photographic journey. We offer no-stress, fun learning.

Our workshops are taught in historic Annapolis, Maryland. These hands-on, four-hour sessions clarify the artistic and technical aspects of digital photography for all ages and camera types. We'd be surprised if a little history didn't sink in painlessly at the same time.

Beautiful scene along the Chesapeake Bay. Bald eagles perch in these pines surveying the water for their next meal. 

 © Lauren P. Brice Four Rivers Photo

 © Lauren P. Brice Four Rivers Photo

Why "Four Rivers"?

We derive our name from the four rivers that cross the area where we live, play and photograph -  Anne Aurndel County, Maryland. Located on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, from North to South the rivers are the Magothy, Severn, South and West/Rhode. Environmentally important and sensitive, these estuarine microcosms mix salt and fresh water supporting a wide diversity life. The four rivers are photographic jewels. They won our hearts and continue to spur our passion for photography.


Our Goal

Our goal is to "graduate" confident, emerging photographers. We believe learning is fun. That's how we teach. We hope you will enjoy this easy-paced, non-competitive approach to photography. 

Our Students

We welcome students of all ages and abilities. However, we concentrate on core skills, emphasizing confidence-building and independence as a foundation for exploring photography. We teach solid basics first and more advanced topics if time permits or in additional workshops. Our classes are small with no more than four (4) students per instructor. We think you will appreciate this difference.

Private group and individual session can be arranged at reasonable rates. See the Tutoring options on our Registration page. Use the Contacts page to reach us for questions and requests. 

Workshop Focus


We cover composition, light, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and more. Our exercises are designed to demonstrate these topics and spur your understanding of how combining these tools achieve specific results. We consider technical photographic concepts artists' tools. We hope you will too by the time your workshop concludes.  

Our class exercises can be used for continuing self-study once the workshop ends. Practice is the key to making these tools your own.  We will show you how to continue exploring photography after the workshop ends.

View our upcoming workshops on this website.