Private Photography Tutoring


Private Photography Tutoring

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These sessions are scheduled for your convenience and customized to meet your requirements. The session price covers one attendee the number of hours selected.

COST: Training is $64.50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Select the number of hours (2-4) and the number of sessions you would like to schedule.

ATTENDEES: To register another photographer, please sign them up separately so that we can collect their specific requests and camera equipment. Call or email to arrange details.or learn more 443.924.6161

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Tell us what you need.

  • Help with your camera?
  • A lesson in composition?
  • Learning to see like a photographer?
  • Preparing for a wonderful vacation?
  • Want to jump start your knowledge for shooting birds, boats, water scenes, butterflies, flowers or landscapes?
  • Need help with the technical stuff -- aperture, shutter speed, and ISO?
  • Getting started with flash?
  • Maybe your photographs just don't look the way you want them to but you are not sure why.

We can help. Contact us to arrange the perfect session customized just for you.

We will customize lessons to meet your needs. Our exercises are designed to demonstrate topics and spur your understanding of how combining photo tools achieves specific results. We consider technical photographic concepts artists' tools. We hope you will too by the time your workshop concludes.
Our exercises can be used for continuing self-study once the tutoring ends. Practice is the key to making these tools your own. We will show you how to continue exploring photography after your session ends.

Purchase this option for one or more attendees and we will call you to arrange a date and session topics or call 443.924.6161 first to discuss options.

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